About Us


To become an organization that shaped Mongolia in a positive way.


PCC is a Mongolian NGO established in 2006, which aims to promote the protection of natural resources through support to the activities of local residents and civil society, with a strong commitment to addressing issues for gender equality and vulnerable groups.


People, at PCC, we value people, we believe on people’s power. Everyone is important and everyone deserves to exercise his/her rights.
Planet, at PCC, we respect and conserve the environment.
Independence, at PCC, we strive to be an organization that is independent and self -contained.


PCC approach in organizational management and as well as in the work is participatory. We are practitioners of participatory approaches and building local capacity bottom to top.


 - Y.Narangerel, Executive Director, runs the management of the organization.

Narangerel Yansanjav, Executive Director of People Centered Conservation – national NGO since 2011.  And she works as Consultant on design, implementation and evaluation of projects in Rural Development, Natural Resource/Pasture Management, and Conservation since 2006.

Field Researcher with focus on Community Based Conservation, Pastoral Livelihoods, Grasslands Management and Local Governance since 2005.

She is Skilled Facilitator/Moderator and Trainer in Participatory Research and Approaches with Communities including men and women and Local Governments in rural Mongolia since 2006.

Highlights have included working as an international expert/facilitator for FAO, UN-Rome, on adaptation of the series of materials for the gender and general learning programs and played lead facilitator role during the training on Voluntary guideline for responsible governance of land tenure through Jan to Sep 2015.

She has worked as Research team leader to Study at Khurkh Khuiten Ramsar site, WCS, in 2012 with the objective of gain insights into the concerns of the local communities that customary use the area and its resources, namely nomadic livestock herders who use the areas as summer pasture.

Narangerel Yansanjav has earned Master of Arts (2008/10) at the Graduate school of Media and Governance, Human Security and Sustainable Development Program, Keio University, Japan.

Attended in advanced Facilitators’ Training from Tread LLC, Philippines and certificate obtained, in 2007.  Supporting member WAMIP (World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples).

Co-author of several publication and research materials such as Participatory Forest Management, Training Curriculum for Protected Area Rangers and Land Officers, published with support of FAO in Mongolia, 2011 and Training Manual on PRA, 2010, “Community Organization in the Gobi – Experiences in local Governance, Community based Poverty Reduction, Natural Resource Management and Conservation etc. Narangerel Ya lives and based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


 - B.Erdenechimeg, 2nd Executive Director, supports organizations for strategic development.

 - N.Ganzorig, Mentor for Community Development Construction Projects and Carpenter


    - Y.Narangerel Executive Director

    - N.Ganzorig, Mentor for Community Development Construction Projects and Carpenter

    - B.Munkhtuvshin, Assistant expert


PCC has partnered with organizations in Mongolia to implement a series of projects on community organization empowerment, support building robust communities while ensuring participation of all members in decision making process, governance of natural resources through innovative approaches including landscape level planning approaches and collaborative management, community conservation initiatives, and community based natural resource management.