Guidelines for Public Consultations on Soum Land Management in Mongolia

SEh3oBitoZxVo1A.jpgThis document has been prepared by Lkhamdulam, N. and Narangerel, Y. of PCC Mongolia and E. Daley of WOLTS project / Mokoro Ltd UK, with support from K. Cronin, J. Grabham and P. Lister of Mokoro Ltd UK, and inputs from Munkhtuvshin, B, Suvd, B and Yanjindulam, N. of PCC, Batsaikhan, J. and Enkh-Erdene, S. of ALAMGAC, and Enkhtur, P. and Oyungerel, T. of Erin LLC Mongolia.
The document is a result of the collaborative preparation of the Dalanjargalan Soum Landscape Development Plan (SLDP). The authors are deeply grateful to the Dornogobi aimag government, the Dalanjargalan soum government, and all the people of Dalanjargalan soum.


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